Monday, February 4, 2013

So God Made a Farmer

On the Boob Tube:  We don't watch much TV around here.  Ok, Ceth does, but Baby Girl and I rarely watch it during the day.  If you don't already know, my hubby is a Farmer (yes, I capitalized it for a reason).  That man is the most dedicated, hard-working man I've ever met.  Sometimes too much.

Farming is a way of life. It's not a hobby, not a game.  To really make it work, it is a full-time job. And by full-time, I don't mean 40 hours a week.  It is a 24/7/365 kind of job.  The sheep have to be checked and fed daily.  There's always something that needs to have been done yesterday. 

So when he gets home, dirty, dusty, and if he's been working sheep, smelling to high heaven, his relaxation drug of choice is TV. Mainly it is shows like Moonshiners, Gold Rush, or college football or basketball.  Maybe some baseball if the Rangers are doing any good.

However, last night was Super Bowl.  We didn't watch from the start, he had some work to do (Sunday is slightly more of a day of rest around here, but things still have to get done), so he didn't start watching until around 6:30 or so.  We watched the halftime strip show during supper (another thing we hardly ever do - no TV during meal time!), then waited 35 minutes for the lights to come back on.

Ceth and Tori watched the game while I puttered around, paying bills, etc.  Then, from the office, I heard the voice of Paul Harvey.  I peeked into the living room and watched the most moving, incredible commercial I've ever seen.  If you didn't catch it, here's the link:

Sad that it was Dodge who paid for it (we drive Chevy).  :( 

After it was over, I checked my Facebook page - there were dozens of people commenting and I had to do the same.  Within minutes, I had friends telling me they thought of us when they saw that commercial.  How wonderful!

But being a farmer has come under criticism lately.  You know my thoughts on that subject...

But no matter the criticism, the long hours, the dirt, sweat, and tears, we wouldn't change a thing. 

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