Friday, February 8, 2013

Just Doodle-Buggin'

On the Crafting Table:  I make outfits for my daughter.  For those of you who knew me a long time ago, that may come as a bit of a shock!

Here's the down-low.  When we got pregnant, I assumed we'd be having a boy.  Ceth's family is full of men.  Imagine my surprise when they told us it was a girl!  I'd never sewn much in my life - a few throw pillows was my limit.  But suddenly, my nesting instinct took over and I had a huge desire to learn how to sew.  I have no idea why.  So I got out my old sewing machine:

Ain't she a beauty!
This thing is so old, it only goes in forward and reverse.  So pretty though!  I had really no idea how to sew clothes, so I bought a book I would recommend to anyone thinking about learning to sew for girls:

She taught me just about everything.  Then I found a bunch of blogs online who have great step-by-step tutorials like this one:
After making what I thought were awesome outfits, that I now realize were SO elementary, my mother-in-law gifted me her incredible sewing machine. This thing has about 150 different stitches!
Now, about 2 years since embarking upon this adventure, I've started to sell my creations.  My Love used to call my sewing "doodle-buggin", meaning I was just playing around.  So my "hobby" is now called Doodle Bug Kidz.  You can find me on Facebook:
or email me at doodlebugkidz at centex dot net. 
I have an Etsy shop - but can't seem to get enough made to actually list anything:
I've also been given the opportunity to start selling my creations at The Market at Brady Standard in downtown Brady, TX...if I ever get caught up on what I've got booked so far!
Here's some pics of my latest creations, all patterns by Create Kids Couture
The Willow Wrap Jacket in Multi

Yellow Chevron Birdie Peasant top with matching ruffle pants.

Once Upon a Time Peasant Dress
And, the adorable outfit created today: Autumn's Peasant Romper. 
All of these outfits have been sold.  Only the Willow Wrap Jacket and the Yellow Chevron outfit can be recreated. The others are one of a kind!
What's coming up next?  I've got an order in for this sweet number...Man, I love this dress!
Just want to give a shout out to those who have purchased from me - you know who you are. Thank you!
Who knew that getting pregnant would not only make me a momma, but also a seamstress!

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