Monday, February 25, 2013

Goin' Junkin'

Just For Fun:

A few weeks ago, My Love and I got the opportunity to go to Austin for the Texas Farm Bureau Leadership conference.  Four days and three nights away from home.  Baby Girl got to stay with Nana and Baba.  It was WONDERFUL!

While My Love had to attend meetings and sessions, this Mama got to go shopping!  Living in rural Texas doesn't give a woman much opportunity to hit the stores.  My favorite places to shop aren't what you might expect.  Now, I do love a sale at Macy's, but my favorite place to shop is a thrift store!  We call it "goin' junkin'".

A girlfriend of mine got me addicted several years ago. When I lived in the "big city", the Goodwill was only 1/2 a block from where I worked.  I spent many a lunch hour there - and quite a bit of my paychecks!  It was the perfect place to outfit a single girl's house on a limited budget. 

I've always had a yearning for the finer things in life - I just couldn't afford them.  But I learned that you can get nice things on the cheap - if you know where to get them!  Goodwill it was!

Several years later, I'm still addicted.  There's nothing greater than scoring a deal for next to nothing!  I have, however, had to learn to restrain myself...ok, who am I kidding?  LOL!  Now that we've had a Baby Girl, my purchases have changed a bit - more for her, less for myself.  It's still incredibly difficult for me to pass up a good deal - whether I need it or not!

Here's a few pics of my scores from Austin:

Serving Platter - original price $39 -  I paid $2.98!

Clothing for Baby Girl - about 40 pieces (sizes 2T to 4T) for a total of $100 - that's $2.50 each piece!

Wool blanket - online price of $100 - I paid $10!

Vintage twin quilt - similar one selling on Etsy - $175 - I paid - $35!


Now, absolutely none of this was stuff I NEEDED.  However, if I can outfit my daughter in play clothes for $2.50 each, I don't get too upset when it gets muddy from farming with Daddy. 

If you've never hit the thrift stores - I highly recommend it.  You never know what you'll find!

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