Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Tomatoes have Taken Over!

In the Garden:  The tomatoes have taken over.  I'm not kidding.  I guess they're loving the cooler weather.  Here's a pic of what used to be 6 different tomato plants:

It has turned into a jungle.  And this is the time of the year that rattlesnakes are out and about.  Ugh.  BUT - the tomatoes are finally producing!  The Heinz tomatoes and yellow pears are going crazy. Even the tempermental Cherokee Purples are putting on.  I have to admit, I have crawled under that mess to pick!
The zucchini are about done.  The okra look pitiful, but I'm still getting enough to eat.  Here's a pic of my harvest yesterday:

The pecans are falling too!  I'm thankful for all the pecans we have - that hail storm in May really did some damage to our crop this year.  Between the reduced crop and the raccoons (we've killed 6 out of our pecans trees this last week alone), we're lucky to get enough to make pecan pie!

The temps are supposed to drop this weekend.  It may be the end of our garden...the good news is that cooler temps cause the pecans to drop - more for me and less for the raccoons!

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