Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Haven't Seen this on Pinterest

Lists - I live by them.  Without them, nothing gets done.  And I've even found that if I make a Honey-Do List for My Love, some of the things on it actually get done (not usually on my time frame though, I might add!) 

So I bought one of those small white boards with magnets to put on the fridge.  My advice - don't get one.  The sticky tape to hold the magnets doesn't work. The whole thing falls off the fridge in the middle of the night, clattering to the floor and scaring the daylights out of you.  You imagine a prowler in the house, tiptoe to the kitchen and flip on the lights, ready to scream...and find the darn thing on the tile floor.  UGH!  I finally got fed up and trashed it!

But what to do?  I keep an ongoing grocery list on those small notepads with magnets, but I need a To-Do List - LARGE-  so I can see it and remind myself of all the things I have yet to do.

Inspiration struck!  Why not use the refrigerator itself?  We have a sleek black fridge - why can't I use that as a "white board?" 

So to I went.  And found these:

Success!  It was love at first write!  Here's a peek at my list:
Maybe I'm behind the times and everyone else has been doing this for years???

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