Sunday, August 19, 2012

Why I Have 10 Cats

In The Yard:  No, not in the field today.  This was at the house.  Yes, I have 10 cats.  And I'll continue to have 10 cats, maybe even more.  This is why:

My Love had just gone outside (about 10 minutes ago) to start work on the door for my cellar.  He comes racing immediately back into the house, grabs the .410 and the shells and heads back out the door.  One of our outdoor kitties had a rattlesnake charmed. 

This is how close to the house it was.  Talk about dangerous.  Especially for a sweet Baby Girl who loves to play outside.

And here's My Love holding the wretched thing after he'd blown it's head off.  A little over 3 feet long. Ugh.  Just gives me the creeps.  Makes my stomach churn when I think what could have happened had Baby Girl found it and not My Love.  I HATE them!

We're not sure where it came from as we are surrounded by dormant wheat fields.  Maybe the barn? The garden? 

Just a few years ago, when we were remodeling the house, look what we found when we removed the floor vents:

Thankfully it was about 8 degrees that day, so they weren't moving much.  There are a total of 12 in this box.  We found a lovely man who pulled them out and took them away for us.  Personally, I'd have killed them all, but he could sell them to places that make anti-venin.  Unfortunately for him, he left them outside in this metal box overnight and they all died.  No loss there.  Overall, we found a total of 25 rattlers that year. 

We've killed just a few in the last 2 years.  I've killed 3 on my own (God Bless that little .410). 

As much as I love being a farmer's wife, this is one thing I'd gladly give up.  But I definitely won't be giving up my kitties.

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