Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's been a while

Sorry it's been over a month since I've posted - it's been one h-e - double-hockey-sticks kind of a month around here.  I'll give you a quick low-down on life as I know it.  I've had about 10,000 ideas for blog posts, but just haven't found the time to get down to them yet.  So over the next month or so, I'll be posting about some of these more in-depth.

In the Field:  Harvest is DONE!  Hallelujah!  It was just getting started when I last posted - and it's been done for a few weeks now - even got some of our wheat sold.  Praise the Lord!  Overall, the drought of last year didn't affect us too bad - we had a decent crop - less than what we'd hoped, but definitely more than nothing!  The small hail storm we had that I posted about did some damage, but we were able to save more than we expected. (I'll be posting harvest pics soon - gotta find the time to get them all off the digital camera and uploaded.)  The rain stayed away long enough for us to get it done...Well, almost.  Do you remember my post about the hail??  Well, it came back...with a vengance. 

On May 30, we had some seriously creepy clouds come down from the Northwest.  Green and scary.  Rotation in the clouds - if you've ever seen a storm like this, you know what I'm talking about.  Right about then I was sure wishing My Love had cleaned out the storm shelter and put a door on it...I was starting to get really scared when he showed up.  The guys had been harvesting at the farthest field - about 30 minutes from home.  He came to the farm, closed up the grain bins and headed to our house.  He got home and less than 10 minutes later, all hell broke loose.  The rain came - only 1/2 an inch.  But with that rain came the biggest hail I've ever seen - we're talking baseball size hail.  Only it was also the strangest hail I've ever seen - it wasn't round - it was flat - like a hockey puck.

Imagine a tin roof and Ranger's Batting Practice!  It wasn't pretty.  My Love, Baby Girl, Buddy (the farm dog), and I hid in Tori's room (the SW side of the house) and watched it come down - from the Northeast.  Yes, I said Northeast.  The storm was coming from the NW, but the hail was from the NE - later the rain came down from the South - it was a huge rotating cloud right above our house!  We heard the hail breaking windows, so I ran to the kitchen (barefoot - that's how I roll when I'm home).  The moment I poked my head around the corner to look at the window, another HUGE hunk of hail came through the window - shattered glass everywhere - it got my legs and a small piece inbedded in my head.  That was enough for me - I ran back to Baby Girl's room as fast as I could.  Then we heard windows breaking in our bedroom, so I told My Love to run in there and get me a pair of shoes.  Then we waited - praying - listening to the hail beat the "hail" out of my home.  It was an experience I plan to never repeat - God Willing. 

I do have to give a shout out to our local Volunteer Fire Departments - mainly Lohn and Brady.  These guys (and gals) were there for us when we most needed them.  Did you know that Volunteer Fire Departments do more than just fight fires?  Most of them are also storm-watchers and emergency responders as well.  These men and women were storm-watching - heard about the destruction of our home - and were here in less than 15 minutes after the storm abated.  My Love is a Volunteer Fireman as well - he was radioing in as the storm was pounding our house.  They heard his reports and got here as fast as they could.  They brought wet-dry vacs, mops, brooms, tarps, etc.  They helped My Love board up the windows and sweep up the glass - it was amazing what they accomplished in a few hours. 

The hail was so bad it cut holes in our new tin roof.  Note:  we did a massive remodel of our farm house - it was built in the 40s after the original house burned down.  In 2010, My Love started the remodel and we moved in a few months later to an essentially new house.  We kept only the original hardwood floors, some interior and roof structure and that's all.  So this hail was pretty bad to cut holes in new tin, bust out 8 new windows and pound holes into Hardie concrete siding.  Thank God for Farm Bureau Insurance!  The appraiser was here the next day, but it still takes time to get estimates, get windows and roofing supplies ordered etc.  The work will probably commence in less than a month from now - and I'm ready for it to be done!  Nothing like having boarded up windows in your kitchen and bedroom! 

The garden was hit pretty bad, but it's come back - the squash and zucchini are producing again and the tomato plants are bigger than ever...

Praise the Lord that at the time this happened, our wheat fields were already harvested!  The family had a few fields left, but the bad hail missed them.  Unfortunately though, My Love's brother and his parents had fields of corn that got hit hard.  They'll lose 50-60% of their harvest potential.  That's a lot of money to lose.  But it's not enough for insurance to pay you just take the hit and pray it makes more than you think.  These were some tough times emotionally - for the entire family. A time of a lot of prayer and thankfulness that it wasn't worse.  Thankful that our wheat was already harvested - we didn't lose our finances for the next year.  Thankful that none of us were hurt - well, hurt badly anyway.  Thankful that everything that was destroyed can be replaced with only time and money.  Thankful that our Lord was watching out for us - He kept us safe.   It has really made me remember what is most important - our family and our health.

I hope to be updating every couple of days or so...there's a job possibility on the horizon for me - and if it comes to fruition, this may take a backseat for a month or two....I'll definitely keep you all posted! 


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