Thursday, April 12, 2012


On the Crafting Table:  Success!  The kiddos LOVED the craft!  When I showed how Jesus "disappeared" to one child, his eyes got HUGE!  We didn't have enough time to really finish it the way I wanted, and we had more kids than we've had in a LONG time, but it was still a success.  I'd forgotten how much I enjoy working with the kids.  The insights they had into Jesus' death were amazing. 

I'm breaking the rules here, but I just have to show you Baby Girl's Easter outfit I made...

Is she not the cutest thing???  The pants were supposed to be capri's - not quite.  But she should be able to wear this all summer, so maybe by August or September they'll be capri's.  Ha!

Also, my hubby's grandma came for Easter.  She is a super-seamstress.  You know, those totally intimidating ones that can make ANYTHING...she's one of those.  And she told me "You've become quite the seamstress."  OMG.  That is high praise!  "Seamstress" is never something I set out to be - nothing I ever dreamed of being.  Not because I thought it was below me - quite the opposite.  I never thought I'd sew - I never thought I'd be able to master it - or even sew a straight line, for that matter.  And here I am - sewing Baby Girl the cutest outfits - even selling them online!  "Seamstress" - the word makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!!

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