Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Sunday

On The Crafting Table:  So our church decided to have only "big" church for Easter - no Sunday School and this isn't the normal Sunday we have Children's Church. I thought we really needed something for the kiddos (we don't subscribe to the "Easter Egg Hunt" at church train of thought).  So I volunteered to teach Children's Church.  Now to find something to do...I had a few thoughts. 

I thought I'd explain what SIN is and have each kiddo write (or us write it for them) a sin on a sticky label.  Then have 1 child "be" Jesus at the front of the room (arms spread).  Then each kiddo would "give" their sin to Jesus - sticking their sin on Jesus (the "Jesus kid" should at this point be "covered" in sin).  We explain that when we give our lives to Jesus, he takes our sins - we no longer have to sin.  And that when he died, he took those sins with him.  Good visualization, I think.

But we need a craft - something to keep the kids occupied for about 15-20 minutes or so.  I looked online for a "resurrection" craft - something to do where Jesus "disappears".  Harder to find than I thought.  And beware typing that into a search engine - some really nasty links with horrible language pop up!!!!  Oriental Trading had a rather cheesy one.  I didn't like it. I really wanted him to "disappear" from the I thought for a few days...

Today I did this craft.  Please excuse the shabbiness of the craft itself - there was a bit of a learning curve involved to make this work correctly.

The finished product:

See what I mean about shabby - the hole with the staple, the marker over the pen letters - I was learning as I went, folks!

After assembly - check behind the stone - Yep, Jesus is there!

Then "roll" the stone away - He is Risen!

Now to just cut all the pieces before hand.  I have all the Jesus' cut and the cross pieces cut.  Now onto the stone and tomb...Hope this works as well as I think it will...

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