Monday, March 12, 2012

Pink Slime

In The Field:  We've all read about it - that stuff they're feeding our school-kids - that stuff from a horror movie that neither Taco Bell nor McDonalds will take.  PINK SLIME!

So what is it, really?

Gene Hall, from Texas Farm Bureau, explains in his blog:

It is simply the trimmings left after the meat is cut from the bone and from the fatty tissue.  It is then treated with an antimicrobial inhibitor - keeping the meat safe.

Have you ever trimmed the fat off a steak - and left a bit of the tasty steak left clinging to the fat? 

That's what we're talking about - that little tasty morsel.  Why waste it?  So many are going hungry these days, and that tasty morsel is just as much "beef" as the succulent steak you just ate.  All that separated it from that steak was the angle of your knife.

Multiply that little morsel by the thousands of steaks eaten daily - that's a lot of meat going to waste!    Why shouldn't we process all those little morsels into something more edible?

As for those who still believe the lies (the media:  lie, twist the truth for a juicy story???? NEVER!), I have a solution for you - raise your own beef!  If you live in the city, you'll need to quit your job or relocate - buy a small plot of land.  Now, you'll need several hundred thousand dollars to buy this land - hope you had some savings put by!  And you'll need to buy a cow - another thousand dollars or so.  Then breed it to a bull - that'll cost you too.  And don't forget you'll need to feed this cow only grass - right?  Isn't that what everyone says - cows should be grass-fed only?  And when drought hits, you'll need to drive to Canada hauling a trailer to bring that grass home.  More thousands of dollars you've got invested now.  Let's wait several months until that cow has her calf.  Let's hope it all goes well, because God Forbid, you can't give that cow or calf any antibiotics!  Give the calf several months to grow before you butcher it.  And you need to do this yourself, because you can't trust the USDA, right?  You've got thousands upon thousands invested in this calf - and after butchering, you're left with a huge pile of trimmings.  And darn it, there's still a lot of meat left on that fatty part...Gosh, I've spent a lot of money, I'd hate to just throw that away...Hmmm, I bet I can cut it off there and make it into hamburger.  But I'd better treat this with something so we don't get sick...OMG - you've just done it yourself!  You turned your beef into PINK SLIME!

If you look at the situation from a factual standpoint - and not "blowing it all out of proportion" that the media is known for - this beef is safe.  It is healthy, it is "real beef".  There is absolutely no reason that we shouldn't eat it.  Unless, of course, you've got enough money to eat steak every day...

And concerning Taco Bell and McDonalds - the day I find them on Zagat's best places to eat is the day I start labelling their food as nutritious!

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