Saturday, March 10, 2012

Momma Got New Shoes!

In The Field:  It's raining. Hallelujah!  I guess La Nina has taken a hike, Praise the Lord!  Over the last couple of days we've gotten about 1.5" - wonderful!  It has been a nice, slow rain - none of it draining off.  The wheat is looking beautiful.  We should have a plentiful harvest!

On The Crafting Table:  Do you remember this picture?
Well, I made myself a pair...
Pretty stinkin cute, if I say so myself! 
I found a cute sweater at the thrift store the other day - a wool blend that someone had washed and dried so it shrank up like a kid's sweater.  It was a gorgeous blend of blues, and I just knew I could do something with it...but what???
Inspiration struck!  Another pair of Room Shoes - in wool!  The wool blend was felted (meaning shrank in the wash) so it won't unravel.  I didn't do a lining since the wool was pretty thick.  What do you think?

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