Monday, March 5, 2012

I forgot

On The Crafting Table:  I finished this fun peasant dress for a friend of mine and completely forgot to post it! 

I just love all the bright colors!

Also, got some fun new baby shoe patterns I'm dying to try!  How cute are these?

 And just had to pick up a shoe/slipper pattern or two for myself!  These are called "Room Shoes" as they only have a fabric sole.  I'm thinking I can use some heavier leather or something to make them more of an indoor/outdoor shoe. Any thoughts on what I can use?


  1. Can you make these in adult sizes?! They are so cute!!! (I love the black ones.)

  2. Lori, are you talking about the 2nd to the last picture? If so, these ARE adult shoes! I can't wait to make myself a pair!

  3. Obviously, I was too excited about the picture to read carefully! I want some!

  4. I have a ton of fabric to choose from. I was thinking maybe you and Cody could come out for supper sometime? You could pick out the fabric you want!