Friday, February 3, 2012

Peasant Dress #2 and a top for myself!

On The Crafting Table:  Do you remember the pictures of that fabric I was going to use to make more peasant dresses?  Well, one of them is finished! 
Pretty Snazzy, huh?  I love these prints together!  Notice the fun brown ball fringe on the zebra ruffle - what's not to love about ball fringe???

As much as I love the look of the shirring at the top of this dress (and the piggy peasant dress), I think I'm going to have to add straps as well.  The layers of ruffles at the bottom of the dress really pull down the top - no little girl needs that!  I think some small straps will keep things covered - and the dress will still be super-cute even if the sleeves fall off the shoulders.

I am so in love with peasant tops/dresses right now.  Maybe because they're so easy and so comfy.  No restraining bodices, buttons, zippers.  So I decided to make a little top for myself.  Very summery.  I didn't have a pattern, so I just made it up as I went.  The next time I'll make the armholes a little larger - but overall, I love it.  Sure makes me think of a picnic on a sunny day.
This is really cute off the shoulders too.  That's probably how I'll wear it most of the time - Baby Girl has a tendency to pull on everything! 

And I've got a preview for you!  I just completed my first tutorial (meaning I made something else all on my own and took  pics of the process so you can do it too!). 

Problem:  Baby Girl has grown out of most of her winter clothes.  Although it really isn't winter around here right now - 75 and sunny outside (gotta love Texas weather).  The days aren't quite warm enough for little rompers and sunsuits - but too warm for corduroy.  I flat refuse to spend money on clothes she'll wear for 2 months.  Her Nana bought her some sweet long-sleeved onesies from Carter's but we have no bottoms to match.

Solution:  Make my own!  I found an old t-shirt I never wear anymore.  I chopped off the long sleeves and made them into a pair of pants for her!  I'll use the remainder of the t-shirt (body and part of the sleeve) for a sweet summer dress later.  Here's a pic. 

Be tuned in later for a tutorial to make your own baby pants out of old long-sleeved t-shirts!


  1. I love the green dress... I love in Texas too it's fun to find blogger near by.. :)
    Have a great weekend

  2. Thanks! I'm trying to figure out this Linky stuff - I'm following your blog now!