Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Arrival

No, we're not expecting again - yet anyway. 

In The Field:  My Love got a new toy - well new to us.  A 2009 combine and header. 

 If you didn't know, our family (meaning myself, My Love, and Baby Girl) farm with my hubby's family - his brother's family and his parents.  His parents have most of the land, but both My Love and his brother have land of their own.  Neither his brother nor us could afford something like this on our own - so we split the cost with the parents, based on acreage.  We used to have 2 combines - a 1981 and a 1996 - OLD!  Unfortunately, it's hard to find good workers around here so we needed one larger combine instead of 2 smaller combines.  Plus, this new baby will do the same work those other 2 combines did at the same time- with less fuel!  It is also more efficient in the seed cleaning process - meaning we won't lose as much wheat when we combine. 

What is it they say about men?  Boys love their toys- they just get more expensive as they grow up?

In The Garden:  I finally got around to getting my seeds started for our spring garden.

Here's a view of what we're planting:

I only start some of my seeds inside - we plant the squash, okra, and cucumber seeds directly into the garden soil when it warms up.  So yesterday I started the cilantro and basil, bell peppers and tomatillos.  I also started several varieties of tomatoes - some hybrid (Heinz 1498 and Yellow Pear) and some heirloom (Cherokee Purple, Box Car Willie, and Black Krim).  There's nothing I love more than a home-grown tomato.  I can hardly wait - my mouth is watering...YUM!

On The BookshelfPillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. 
Really wonderful book.  I had never read this author before - a friend recommended this book.  Apparently Follett writes thrillers so this was a departure for him.  If you love epic novels, this is a must-read.  It is set in the 12th century in England and follows the construction of a cathedral.  Very believable characters - a monk, a builder, a wily and devious earl - be prepared for romance, murder, intrigue, battle - all the hallmarks of an amazing story.

On The Crafting Table:  Update - sorry, I haven't had time to get the tutorial up yet - but it is coming, I promise!  I am working on the 2nd of two peasant dresses for a friend of mine - hoping to have it done today or tomorrow at the latest.  I'll post pics when it's finished!

This was my weekend to work The Fig Leaf thrift store in Eden and I scored some great finds!  Mostly clothes with lots of fabric that I can reconstruct for play clothes for Baby Girl this summer.  I found an awesome size 22 women's skirt that will be perfect for a pair of pants for Baby Girl - and the cost - $.50.  Hard to beat!

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