Thursday, January 5, 2012


About a week ago, Ceth came home with a sore throat, which quickly escalated into nasty coughing and congestion.  Lots of Advil Cold & Sinus and Mucinex, and he was better.  However, not before sharing it with myself and Baby Girl.  The night before last, Baby Girl was feeling terrible.  She woke up coughing & congested. Not knowing what to do at midnight, we gave her Tylenol and some children's allergy medicine.  I held her for about 30 minutes (about like holding a 22 lb wriggling catfish!).  Finally, Ceth came in and held her (she loves for him to hold her until she falls asleep).  So I slept on the floor in her room and he slept holding her in the rocker-recliner.  Nobody was very comfortable.  Baby Girl woke up a little before 6 am and we gave her more meds.  She was like a totally different child - playing, laughing. What happened???

So yesterday we went to the "big city" for a doctor's appt for Baby Girl.  I didn't know what the problem was, so I wanted to nip it in the bud immediately.  No need for all of us to suffer.  Apparently she had croup.  We got a prescription for some steriod - since it is a virus, there's nothing else that can really help except time.  My Love went with us - rare, and wonderful!  We did some shopping (hit Hobby Lobby and got inspired again!).  My love finally bought me a dump trailer that you can attach to the back of your lawn mower or 4-wheeler, but you can also pull it by hand.  Our pecan trees are always losing limbs and I don't have anything to collect them in.  I'm very excited!

So we get home, get Baby Girl fed and bathed, ready for bed.  Then my love showers and I hold Baby Girl in the bathroom while it steams up. Then I shower and he holds her.  I put the humidifier on high and we all slept well - THANK GOD!  Baby Girl is raring to go again today - trying her hardest to learn to crawl.  She gets so frustrated!

I however, am not feeling so great.  My Love made me a glass of warm honey water - felt good on my throat.  Then the coughing commenced.  I couldn't breathe - through my nose or my mouth.  Scared me!  So I let him care for her while I got back into a steaming hot shower.  He was so thoughtful and brought me more Mucinex and Advil Cold and Sinus and some of that REALLY GOOD prescription cough medicine.  I'm finally feeling more normal.  I hate being sick.  At least maybe Baby Girl won't be so bad.  I'd definitely rather be sick than her...

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