Wednesday, January 25, 2012


On The Crafting Table:  Or off it, I suppose...another finished garment!  I picked up this totally cute pattern on Etsy a few days ago. 

I had this great fabric in stash, waiting for the perfect pattern.  Success!

This one is for Baby Girl, but I am also selling them on FB - check out my Doodle Bug Kidz page.  Available in sizes 3 mo to 12 years - $40 shipped.

A girlfriend of mine requested it in this fabric - SO totally cute!  Her daughter shows pigs - hence the love of this main fabric:

And I'm in process with this one, hoping to have it done today:

The first dress went together pretty quickly - this one is giving me more trouble.  Of course, it is probably because the first one was for Baby Girl and this one is actually for payment!  HA! 

In The Fields:  RAIN!  Praise the Lord!  A little over 1" last night.  The wheat is looking great - and this will help so much!  We went No-Till this year (meaning we don't plow our land, we leave the stubble of the prior year's crop and plant between the rows).  This keeps the topsoil from blowing (like it did on other fields around here this past Sunday - man, was it windy!)  The stubble also helps protect the new growth from the winds and harsh sun.  It also helps keep moisture in the ground - a plowed field will dry right up - a No-Till field has a crust of dirt and all the dried stubble helps keep the moisture in the ground. 

I'll try to get pics of our no-till soon!

Off to finish this dress, hopefully before Baby Girl wakes up from her morning nap...oh, and I should probably try to get breakfast in somewhere too...

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