Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sewing Inspiration

On The Crafting Table:  In one of my prior posts, I showed a picture of the cute knitted hat and flower pin. Well, I have finally finished the rest of the gift for my girlfriend - due any day now.  I've finally got it all packed up and will take to the post office on Monday!  I made a coordinating ruffled bubble romper and blanket - too cute, I think.  My first attempt at a double-sided blanket with ruffles - I love it!

On another related subject, I used to have this stand-up thread holder.  It would only hold 60 spools - but in reality it was WAY less than that.  I looked online and in "real" stores for a larger one, but they were super-expensive.  I saw a post on one of the blogs I follow (naptimecrafters) about how her husband used a peice of plywood and nails to make her a thread holder.  That seemed to be too much work, so I came up with my own version - total cost ($10).

I found a corkboard at Wally-World for $8 and then 2 sets of pushpins for about $1 each - $10!  This was so easy, plus, if I ever get a fancy thread holder I can use this for something else!  It is so nice to have all the colors on the wall - instant access to color-matching!

Do you remember the last post with all the cutest pics of the patterns I bought?  Well, I got my fabric for those patterns.  Total love!  Here's a preview of the fabrics.

I'll definitely post pics when the items are completed.  And of course, nearly everything I make can be made in a variety of sizes - check out my rather sad etsy shop -  I guess it would help if I actually made things to sell instead of making them all for Baby Girl!

And be tuned for clothes for Mama too!

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