Monday, January 30, 2012

Organizing and a Field Trip

On The Stove:  Or beside it anyway.  I finally got my HUGE stack of recipes organized.  Hallelujah!  No more digging through a giant stack - having them crash to the floor - and never finding what I was looking for after all!

Ahhh - nothing like a new 3-ring binder and dividers!  Have I ever said how much I LOVE school supplies?  It is almost an addiction!  Take a look inside my new recipe folder:

It is a mish-mosh of those free recipe cards you get in the mail, print-outs from online, and quick hand-written recipes of my Granny's.  After doing this - I found a ton of recipes I had forgotten about - I'm ready to try them out. 

On The Crafting Table:  I got it finished!  The Piggy Peasant Dress is Done!  And pretty darn cute, I might add.  What do you think?

The main fabric has the cutest little piggies on it - a dress for a friend whose daughter shows pigs.  And I think the fabric flower is too adorable too - it can work as a pin or in her hair - I love choices.  Similar dresses can be custom made for the girl in your life - email me at or just comment on my Facebook page.

In the Field:  Well, sort of.  We took a trip to Waco this weekend for the Texas Farm Bureau Young Farmer & Rancher Leadership Conference (boy, that's a mouthful!).  It was a great time of learning and networking - got to meet some fun new friends that I'm sure I'll be seeing at all the TXFB events.

Did You Know?:  American Farmers are aging?  (Well, aren't we all?)  The average age of the American Farmer is 57 (my momma wouldn't think that's old!).  The majority of farmers are 45-64 years old with the fastest growing group 65+.  So who's going to grow all the food for the world population that is supposed to add 3 BILLION people in the next 40 years?  Makes you think, doesn't it?

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