Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm No Photographer & Amazon Love

So I originally wanted to talk about photography today.  Except I don't know much about it - only that I'm not that great at it - other than in those rare, wonderful, unpredictable instances.  So I'm going to do some learning - lynda.com has some free tutorials and then some not-so-free ones.  But it might be a good deal - $25 for a monthly membership and we'll see what I can learn.  Anyone out there have any suggestions for editing software?  I have a "vintage" Canon Rebel 35 mm (the nicer, film version) and a newer, point-and-shoot Canon Elph.  I don't have the $ for an SLR - though maybe for my birthday if I'm a good girl...I'm going to read up on the guides that came with  the cameras.  Maybe I'll be posting pics for you to compare and judge (not too harshly, please!). 

I made another purchase from Amazon today - batteries for my vintage Canon.  Amazon, have I told you lately that I love you??? 

The low-down on my life is that I used to live near Dallas.  I could get anything I wanted within 15 minutes.  Then I met my love and moved to BFE.  How BFE?  About 20 miles from the closest (and smallest) Wal-Mart Supercenter - seriously, it is the smallest one in Texas. Or 65 miles from the closest "real" shopping.  And "real" in this instance, is relative.   There's a mall (sort of) and a Ross.  So I can get by.  I can hardly wait until Baby Girl is old enough for more trips to Big D for some REAL shopping!!!

So what do I do when I need, for instance: camera batteries, a baby walker, and a candy thermometer - like - yesterday?  Amazon, baby!  I learned a few years ago that you can get pretty much anything on Amazon and get it shipped free, received in 2 days.  2 days?   There are months that go by before I make a trip to "the big city".  So why bother if I can get it shipped to me?  I don't have to leave the house, I don't have to wear makeup - and the UPS guy is so nice!  He knows I have a bambino so he just discreetly knocks instead of ringing the doorbell. 

And the prices - I have saved over 50% on some items!  Everything is usually at least 15%-20% off regular retail prices.  No, Amazon is NOT paying me to tout their services.  I just love it and couldn't live without it.  So Amazon, thank you!

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