Friday, January 13, 2012

I love Axis meat!

In The Field & On The Stove : Axis.  The bane of our existence.  Yesterday My Love was at one of our leased places and counted - get this - 120 axis grazing on our wheat!  All that grazing is called depredation - they are essentially killing our wheat crop.  Since they do not require tagging, and are considered an exotic - they can be killed at any time, any place, as long as you have a license.   So My Love and his brother took off yesterday afternoon and shot 6 axis.  That really doesn't put much of a dent in the population - 5% actually.  We kept 1 of the axis (the others were donated).  So last night Nana watched Baby Girl for about an hour and a half while My Love and I skinned and quartered the axis.  Thankfully it was cool last night, so we were able to store the meat in our storage building until I could process it today. 

This is the meat "in process".  At this point I had already processed the backstrap, tenderloin, and 1 hindquarter.  What you see here is a shoulder.  About 5 hours later...

Supper!  Well, several meals anyway.  I totalled it all up:

14 pkg steaks - 17.5 lbs.
2 roasts - 5.5 lbs
1/2 full backstrap - 1.5 lbs.
tenderloins - 1 lb.
hamburger (not shown) - 12 lbs.

A total of 36 lbs of meat!  All for free - essentially anyway.  I think the bullet cost about $1.  This will feed My Love and I about 40 meals.

I decided to look up how much axis meat is sold for - between $20 and $30 per LB!  So at 36 lbs, I have about $900 worth of meat here!  But we will just use it in place of beef - which is a much more reasonable figure - $259. 

40 meals for $1...not bad!

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